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We regularly post videos and articles covering basic lean tips and implementation guidance. Short, creative, and fun is our style. The videos are excellent for sharpening lean skills and reinforcing concepts among employees. And the articles are great for going a little bit deeper in text-format.

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Periodically we author podcast episodes on lean topics. These go into great detail on lean topics, tools, and questions. You can also read the transcript here on the site.

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A Little Bit About Us…

Hi there, I am Daniel Crawford and the founder of Lean Smarts.

Through my career as a Training Manager, General Manager, and Manufacturing Engineer I’ve become a lean enthusiast with a passion to help and teach others. Lean is fun! It disappoints me that much of what the internet has to offer in lean is complicated and hard to piece together.

At Lean Smarts we strive to make a difference by making lean accessible to all, while keeping it effective, easy, and fun.

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