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– Thurs, May 14, 3pm EDT –
Learning to See Value and Waste

– Mon, May 18, 3pm EDT –
Eliminating Waste Radically and Gradually

– Thurs, May 21, 3pm EDT –
Managing a Lean Transformation

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Don’t Settle for the Status Quo

In today’s world, world-class “lean” performance is available to small businesses but is often missed or misunderstood.

Many leaders are overwhelmed trying to keep up with their business and have little time to figure out “the better way” of running their organization. Most settle for the status quo and continue using traditional approaches—many of which have been unchanged for over a century—and continue to struggle each day with firefighting, stress, and a disengaged workforce.

At Lean Smarts, we want to get you away from the status quo and take your entire organization along with you.

For over 8 years we’ve been working hands-on with organizations, helping them realize new levels of performance and growing their people along the way.

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What makes us different?

Our approach is to teach, not just do

We want you to no longer need us someday, so that your lean future is sustainable.

Our bias is for taking action

We believe getting our hands dirty is the best way to find creative and effective solutions.

Our solutions are sustainable

We emphasize practices and improvements that are sustainable long term.

Our training resources are freaking fun

We pride ourselves in training that is simple, fun, and especially designed for frontline employees.

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