Lean manufacturing training made easy!

Lean manufacturing training made easy!

Make learning fun

Learn lean via engaging, down-to-earth, and entertaining instruction.

Make learning easy

Access and leverage our searchable library of topical lean training videos and examples.

Make the path clear

Focus on the critical skills that are a MUST for engaging your team in lean.

Infuse some life into your organization…

In your next stand-up meeting

Put an end to the wasted time and overwhelm searching for that next relevant video or topic.

In your next kaizen event

Preload your next event with effective training that immediately engages participants and provides them with a common toolset.

In your next lean workshop

Add variety to your workshop training content or power the whole workshop with a Lean Smarts course.

At every workstation

Access the Academy on any device via any membership plan. If you prefer, upgrade to track individual training or integrate videos with your third-party LMS.

Learn essential frontline lean practices

5S Productivity

5S Lean Methodology: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain

Establish good housekeeping. Engage all associates. Boost productivity and start making abnormalities visible.

The 7 Wastes of Lean

Learn to identify each of the 7 wastes. Discover tips & strategies for eliminating them.

Standardization & Standard Work

Learn to love and leverage standardization of all kinds. Create a baseline for improvement.

Dig deeper when it makes sense

Find YouTube’s Best Lean Videos

Use our catalog. Save time.

We’ve been YouTubing for years. Along the way we’ve created an exceptional listing of lean videos. Save yourself the time and frustration of finding a good one. Use our catalog!

Watch our legendary YouTube content ad-free!

Join our community to access our most popular YouTube hits! See our “home edition” of 5S and the 7 wastes of lean along with Daniel’s twin brother 😉 .

About Us

Lean Smarts was created by a lean practitioner like you

Like many people, Daniel Crawford discovered lean by accident in 2012 when his CEO at the time told him to “teach everyone in the business.”

Now as an entrepreneur and trainer, Daniel teaches lean in simple and fun ways—at work, and in everyday life.

What customers say of Lean Smarts

“Whether your organization is new to lean or simply has a need to freshen-up on lean principles, Lean Smarts Academy is a game-changer in working smarter, not harder. The videos and resources are clear, concise and to-the-point for everyone, from front-line employees to management. The Customer Service is second to none.”

Genevive Ivers, A&P Technology

“I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from being a Lean Smarts Academy customer for the past three years. Daniel Crawford has developed an outstanding program in presenting Lean concepts clearly and concisely. He demonstrates real-world examples of continuous improvement that I can implement immediately. I strongly endorse anyone to take the Lean Smart journey with Daniel.”

John Kean, Kean’s Detroit Yatch Harbor

“I have found Daniel to be able to make things quite simple that most others over complicate. Thank you so much!”

Ricky Scarborough, Scarborough Industries

“Dear Daniel, I am writing to let you know how happy I am with purchasing your Lean Smarts training videos. Finally someone took the Lean processes and made it simple and easy to understand. I am looking forward to this new year implementing Lean in my small company.”

Scott Alvarez, Qualident Dental Lab


YouTube Catalog

Save oodles of time finding quality lean YouTube videos via our Catalog.


Billed monthly

$99 Billed annually

  • Search 100s of cataloged videos
  • View Lean Smarts videos ad-free
  • Access to YouTube-based courses


Access ALL Lean Smarts training videos, even those not on YouTube.


Billed monthly

$499 Billed annually

  • Access to ALL courses
  • Access to ALL videos
  • Access to ALL quizzes
  • Access to ALL resources

Learning System

Want training software? No problem! Use our learning system.


Billed monthly

$1999 Billed annually

  • All Premium features
  • 250 user logins
  • Basic training reports
  • Training certificates

LMS Integration

Integrate all courses into your own third-party LMS.


Billed annually

  • All Video Library features
  • Ability to embed videos directly from vimeo.com
  • SCORM integration available with additional setup fee

Frequently asked questions

How many people can use a single online subscription?

All learning platforms at Lean Smarts license you to train unlimited people, permitting that they are 1) members of your organization and 2) located geographically in the same country.

The “YouTube Catalog” and “Premium” plans come with one login account to the Lean Smarts Academy site. This login account is often shared among multiple people within an organization to access training. The “Learning System” plan adds 250 additional user accounts so that a unique login can be created for each employee. The “Custom LMS” plan lets you add videos to your own training software, allowing you to control user access on your own terms.

How many login accounts does my subscription come with?

The “YouTube Catalog” and “Premium” subscriptions come with only one login account that you may share among multiple employees at your organization. To get more login accounts you need the “Learning System” subscription which adds 250 sub-accounts to your subscription master account. Alternatively, the “Custom LMS” plan places account quantity and access into your own hands via your external learning management system.

Can I change to a different subscription plan at a later time?

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Furthermore, your first payment after changing your plan is automatically prorated.

Can I upgrade to an annual plan down the road?

Absolutely. You can upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan at any time with just a few clicks inside your account.

How do I add or remove sub-accounts to a “Learning System” subscription plan?

The sub-accounts are managed by you via the master account login (the account used when purchasing your subscription). At any time you can add or remove sub-accounts. A maximum of 250 sub-accounts are permitted with the “Learning System” subscription. If more sub-accounts are needed please contact us to share more.

Can I test integrating a video in our LMS before purchasing the LMS Integration plan?

Sure! The following videos have no integration restrictions and can be added (embedded) to a module/page in your LMS.

Introduction to the 7 Wastes of Lean

Remember: this video cannot be viewed directly at vimeo.com but once it is embedded in your LMS it will play seamlessly.

If you encounter difficulty integrating the video contact us and we’ll troubleshoot the problem with you.

What if I don’t enjoy my subscription to the Lean Smarts Academy?

We know you will LOVE the Lean Smarts Academy; however, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied in any way we have a 30-day money back guarantee (no questions asked). We want you to succeed, and know that if you become a member of the Lean Smarts Academy and apply what you learn, you will see amazing results!

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

If you do decide to cancel obviously we’ll be very sad, but if you’re intent on leaving then you’ll be able to do so with just a few clicks of a mouse.