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The Home of DIY Lean Manufacturing

If you come from the do-it-yourself (DIY) business that wants to learn lean and bring it to your entire organization, then this is the place for you.

You have a tremendous opportunity before you to create the kind of company you’ve always dreamed of, and we can help.

We help by making lean both easy and fun.

This is because it’s not necessary for lean to be complicated. We also know it’s less effective when training is boring!

At Lean Smarts we keep things simple, teach through everyday examples, and look for a laugh whenever appropriate and possible.

We do this for the extremely capable and determined DIY leaders, managers, and employees like yourself who are looking to make a difference in their organization and world.

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Latest Lean Videos

Every week we post new lean videos covering basic lean tips and implementation guidance. Short, creative, and fun is our style. The videos are excellent for sharpening lean skills and reinforcing concepts among employees.

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Latest Lean Articles

New lean articles are written every week to help boost your lean understanding and implementation. Unlike other lean content available on the internet, our articles are highly practical and scannable. You’ll find excellent guidance and tips.

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A Little Bit About Us…

Hi there, I am Daniel Crawford and the founder of Lean Smarts.

Through my career as a Training Manager, General Manager, and Manufacturing Engineer I’ve become a lean enthusiast with a passion to help and teach others. Lean is fun! It disappoints me that much of what the internet has to offer in lean is complicated and hard to piece together.

At Lean Smarts we strive to make a difference by making lean accessible to all, while keeping it effective, easy, and fun.

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