2 Second Lean Improvements at Home

Our Latest 2 Second Lean Improvements

We love 2 Second Lean by Paul Akers. It’s simple, and it captures the spirit of the time-tested concept of kaizen. Recently, we bought a new house, which means we’ve had lots of little things to do around the house to make our home comfortable, efficient, and fun! In this video we show off 10 of our latest 2 Second Lean improvements in our kitchen.

But the kitchen is not the only place lean works! Of course it also applies to organizations. To visit one of our favorite 2 Second Lean-practicing organizations, join Daniel at Xylem Design in this virtual tour.

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  1. Great video! Love the improvements! Have you thought of labeling or putting a place marker so that you’d know which knife/pan/cleaning material goes specifically where?

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