Hi, I am Daniel Crawford and the founder of Lean Smarts!

Through my career as a Training Manager, General Manager, and Manufacturing Engineer I’ve become a lean enthusiast with a passion to help and teach others. Lean is fun! It disappoints me that much of what the internet has to offer in lean is complicated and hard to piece together.

At Lean Smarts we strive to make a difference by making lean accessible to all, while keeping it effective, easy, and fun.

My personal journey with lean began after graduating from Cal Poly Sal Luis Obispo, CA with my engineering degree. I was hired by a 300-person medical device company and tasked with teaching and leading lean within the organization.

After a few years implementing lean at our headquarters in California, the company acquired a division in Texas and promoted me to be its General Manager. The breadth of that role exposed me to the full spectrum of business activities. What a thrill!

Since then I’ve come to reside in Knoxville, Tennessee where I continue to work full time as an Industrial Engineer in the automotive industry.

Together with my wonderful wife Laura we have a daughter Sadie and son Amos. They are my inspiration for much of what I do as I see lean coincide with everyday life.

It’s my hope that you find Lean Smarts to be both fun and helpful on your lean journey!

All my best,
Daniel Crawford

P.S. Drop me a note and let me know you were here! I’d love to help you in any way I can on your lean journey 🙂 .

Fun Fact #1

I named my first hamster hammy and tested his endurance on a treadmill.

Fun Fact #2

I have never owned a TV or paid for cable.

Fun Fact #3

I lived in the bush of South Sudan, Africa for 10 weeks in the summer of 2010.

Fun Fact #4

I made medieval armor out of steel and aircraft-grade aluminum as a teenager.

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