Our Mission:

To shine.

Our Values:

Simplicity – We believe simplicity is not only an evidence of deep understanding, but it’s often what makes good changes stick!

Growth – We believe that continuous learning is not only important for living a joy-filled life, but it is the energy behind a thriving continuous improvement culture.

Kindness – We believe that kindness provokes us to think differently about ourselves, our work, and even life itself, and is non-negotiable for building a “respect for people” culture.

Our Work:

We create, distribute, train, coach, and implement lean manufacturing best practices.

About Daniel

My journey with lean started in 2012 when my CEO made me the lean trainer at his organization—a 300 person medical device manufacturer.

That’s when I discovered that training that isn’t simple and fun is less effective!

I continued learning lean over the years that followed… as an engineer, general manager, entrepreneur, trainer, and consultant.

In 2017 I started Lean Smarts to explain complicated things in fun and simple ways. For example, I started with a free lean mini-course that included a video that has since gone “viral” on YouTube: the lean paper airplane simulation.

At present, after a two-year stint building and eventually selling a thriving donuts and fried chicken restaurant with my wife, I am settled in Kansas City, KS where my wife and I aspire to live a more “normal” life with our three young kids!

Other places you can connect with me: