Fun Lean 5S Capsule Closet Wardrobe

Fun Lean 5S Capsule Closet

Discover how to make doing the laundry WAY easier by applying the concepts of 5S and reduced batch size! By reducing the batch size of clothes in our laundry process we’re simplifying our weekly laundry and making it more manageable. This reduces the waste of over production and the overburden that follows! Learn more about …

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Introducing Kaizen: A Way of Life

006 – Introducing Kaizen: A Way Of Life

Transcript Alright, now back to today’s episode. Today I’m I’m going to introduce you to the concept of kaizen and share four things: What kaizen means The secret to creating a lean life Paul Aker’s compelling example of 2 Second Lean Why small improvements are strategically more important than big improvements