Connect With Others

Connect With Other Lean Maniacs

Connect With Others

There’s almost no better way to grow on your lean journey than to connect with other lean maniacs and organizations. Although “lean” is a commonly-used word in many circles, it can be hard to find that rare individual who is humble, generous, and on fire about lean.

We have a few recommendations…

Follow Lean Maniacs on YouTube

There are quite a few incredible people and organizations practicing lean and sharing their stories and progress on YouTube. We recommend checking them out and subscribing to their channels.

Visit a Lean Company Near You!

There’s an amazing network of companies known as the Lean Hub at that can put you in contact with a lean organization near you. These are extraordinary and generous organizations that welcome visitors to come and see their lean journey up front and personal.

Click here to visit the Lean Hub.

Attend the Global Lean Leadership Summit

One of the most engaging lean conferences in the world is the Global Lean Leadership Summit. The crowd that attends this conference are on fire! And yet they are humble, generous, and serious about the larger lean community. The organizations who attend are all practicing some form of 2 Second Lean. We strongly recommend that you consider attending the summit.

Click here for more information on the 2018 Global Lean Leadership Summit.

Join the Lean Smarts Academy

We’re building a home for the lean maniac and it’s the Lean Smarts Community. This is a place where real practitioners gather to grow, learn, and connect with other lean-practicing individuals and organizations. Aside from exclusive content of facility tours, lean training, and case studies, the community gives you access to live Q&A, community groups, and more.

If you’re looking for a supportive community to connect with other professionals, individuals, and organizations, this is the place for you!

Click here to learn more

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