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Kaizen Masterclass

Follow our step-by-step training plan for developing kaizen mastery at your organization.

Lean Smarts Academy Courses

Lean Micro Lessons

Learn timeless lean concepts in 60 seconds or less of high-quality video. Add lessons to your daily standup meetings and training.
Runtime: 15 minutes

The 3S Journey at Home

Establish and support 3S practices by following along in our lean transformation at home. Perfect for organizations following the model of 2 Second Lean.
Runtime: 20 minutes

5S Productivity

Establish good housekeeping. Engage all associates. Boost productivity and start making abnormalities visible.
Runtime: 58 minutes

The 7 Wastes of Lean

Learn to identify each of the 7 wastes. Discover tips & strategies for eliminating them.
Runtime: 53 minutes

Standardization & Standard Work

Learn to love and leverage standardization of all kinds. Make your improvements and kaizen practices stick long-term. Set a foundation for scientific thinking and improvement.
Runtime: 35 minutes

Kaizen Best Practices

Learn timeless kaizen best practices as you tie together your understanding of the kaizen trinity: 5s, waste elimination, and standardization.
Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes

Job Relations Crash Course

Train leaders, supervisors, and managers in time-tested leadership principles in this crash course inspired by the original TWI Job Relations curriculum.
Runtime: 1 hours 17 minutes

The Fundamentals of Lean

Overview the fundamental principles and tools that compose the Toyota Production System and many lean organizations today.
Runtime: 4 hours 56 minutes

Learning to See Waste

Learn how to see waste and realize the importance of the kaizen trinity of waste elimination, standardization, and 5S.
Runtime: 35 minutes


Entertain yourself as you visit (or revisit) timeless lean principles through our travels with AirBNB.
Runtime: 27 minutes

Getting Started with Work Cells

Take your first steps to create basic work cells by eliminating motion, reducing your footprint, and learning to flow.
Runtime: 26 minutes

Lean Smarts Accelerator

Jumpstart your lean journey with this four-part workshop series.
Runtime: 2 hours 41 minutes

Lean at Xylem Design

Join us for a day at Xylem Design, a 30-person woodshop with over five years of experience applying Toyota Production System (TPS) and 2 Second Lean principles.
Runtime: 3 hours 21 minutes

5S Productivity (Home Edition)

Learn 5S principles as we apply them at home and to everyday life!
Runtime: 55 minutes

The 8 Wastes (Home Edition)

Learn the 8 wastes of lean through everyday examples and life at home!
Runtime: 40 minutes

Lean Mini-Course

Survey lean through our free five part mini-course.
Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

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