Experiencing Lean at Xylem Design

Join us on a lean tour

We visit Xylem Design—a 25-30 person wood shop in Colorado that has been practicing 2 Second Lean and elements of the Toyota Production System for over five years.

Experience Xylem’s unique culture, observe their daily routines, hear from employee and management interviews, and much more!

Contents of the Virtual Tour

75 minute webinar replay

Greg Glebe (CEO, Xylem Design) and Daniel recorded a one-of-a-kind webinar with deep analysis of their culture and history. It’s yours on replay!

126 minutes of original footage

Explore employee interviews, problem-solving sessions, 5S, the daily meeting, and Xylem’s many lean tools and artifacts.

Xylem’s Lean Management System

Witness Xylem’s daily lean operating system of the startup meeting, 5S/kaizen period, gemba walks, and daily meeting. Follow Daniel and Greg on the production floor.

Exclusive interview with CEO and COO

Daniel asks Greg Glebe and Seth Braverman the tough and fun questions about their lean journey, including successes and failures (21 min).

Employee Interviews

Listen to frontline team members reflect honestly about Xylem’s difficult but successful transition to elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and 2 Second Lean.

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What’s in it for you…

  • Know how your culture compares to an exceptional lean organization.
  • Get inside the mind of Xylem’s CEO and team; hear in their own words what it’s like to successfully navigate a lean transformation.
  • See what a successful application of 2 Second Lean looks like outside FastCap.
  • Witness the lean management system that creates an engaged problem-solving culture.
  • Understand what’s possible (and what to avoid) during your first years practicing lean.
  • Discover how amazingly well lean works for a 25-30 person woodshop.

Included in this Course

15 Original Videos

Videos are generally 5 to 20 minutes long, with the exception of the 75 minute recorded webinar replay.

Supplemental YouTube Videos

We’ve included additional YouTube videos to enrich the experience and your comprehension of Xylem.

Xylem Resources

Check out Xylem’s company “playbook” and other culture artifacts, along with their “gemba board” for problem solving.

Deliver Training on Your Terms

On the shop floor

Play videos in daily stand up meetings. Reinforce lean behaviors for weeks and months to come!

In your next workshop

Use the course as a complete kaizen curriculum in your next training class or workshop. Train management. Train associates. And even kick-off kaizen events.

At any computer

Assign training to be completed at the learner’s own workstation or desk. Any device with an internet connection will work (phones and tablets included)!

For each new hire

Accelerate new hire comprehension with targeted lean training! Ensure that lean behaviors are taught for years to come.

In your next kaizen event

Prepare participants in your next kaizen event with effective lean knowledge. Make sure they hit the ground running… and in the right direction!

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Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction

Webinar Recording

Module Contents
  • 75 minute webinar replay
  • Some slides, but LOTS of HD video
  • Emloyee interviews, gemba walk, lean artifacts, and more.
  • 35 minutes of live Q&A with CEO Greg Glebe.

Section 2: Employee Interviews

Brain (1 month)

Module Contents
  • We interview Brian about his experience as a new hire at Xylem for 1 month.

Section 3: Lean Management System

Pre Production Meeting

Module Contents
  • Observe Xylem’s pre-production standup meeting where work is assigned and the day is planned.

Section 4: Lean Tools and Methods

Lean Artifacts

Module Contents
  • Survey lean artifacts at Xylem Design… work cell organization and layout, 5S practices, labeling, training matrices, andon lights, scheduling systems, and more.

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Access all our courses with your subscription to the Lean Smarts Academy.