Getting Started With Work Cells

While helping a client in 2020, we realized the need for training operators in some basic and preliminary work cell design concepts.

Teaching the “7 wastes of lean” is invaluable, but sometimes is insufficient in crafting a vision for what the future should look like.

In this 26 minute training, we provide front-line frame assembly operators some basic goals to help in the development of basic work cells.

Who this training is for…

This training is well suited for organizations who can identify with some or all of these challenges.

  • Manufacturers with assembly processes.
  • Organizations with much “low-hanging waste” in the form of walking or reaching for parts, tools, and materials.
  • Small businesses that must rely on front-line operators to take greater responsibility in kaizen and lean practice.
  • Organizations needing a focused application of “waste elimination” (especially motion) and a simple vision for improvement activities.

Course Contents

View the same training material we used to help this client engage their front line assembly operators to eliminate waste and begin the development of simple work cells.

Eliminate Motion and Establish Flow!

Train everyone to eliminate basic problems interfering with work cell development:

  1. Walking to get parts
  2. Walking to get tools
  3. Bending or reaching
  4. Product on the floor

And teach everyone to FLOW, incorporating one-piece flow as much as possible!

Learn from the Production Floor

The course incorporates real-life demonstration of developing a basic work cell, showing before & after results.

We work with a custom furniture manufacturer in their frame assembly department to eliminate motion and improve flow.

See the rapid step-by-step changes we make one morning, from just a half hour of observation.

Realize the Benefits of Flow vs. Batching

See how building units start-to-finish in one-piece flow fashion…

  • reduces space requirements,
  • alleviates stress,
  • improves quality,
  • and is overall more efficient.

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