Kaizen Best Practices Course

Achieve Massive Results

Use kaizen to continuously improve quality, cost, and delivery (QCD) on a massive scale. Teach associates not only to use lean tools, but to focus their efforts towards measurable and meaningful outcomes.

Align Your Efforts

Promote front-line lean enthusiasm that is smart, scientific, and that affects the bottom line. Tie together the three practices of 5S, waste elimination, and standardization into one holistic continuous improvement model: kaizen!

Create a Continuous Improvement Culture

No more “one step forward, two steps back.” Gain traction with lean that endures for years to come by establishing a culture of continuous improvement

Watch the First Video

Kaizen Made Easy

We keep kaizen simple, and train concepts to unleash kaizen everywhere.

  • Bite-sized on-demand videos covering essential kaizen practices.
  • 20 training modules containing everything you need to know about kaizen (108 min).

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Included in this Course

21 Bite-Sized Videos

Each of the videos are 3-9 minutes long, making them perfect for topical training or even a daily standup meeting.

22 Quizzes

Every course module includes a quiz to test learner comprehension.

21 Facilitator’s Guides

Use standardized facilitator’s guides for conducting training in groups.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate is awarded upon successfully passing the final quiz.

Deliver Training on Your Terms

On the shop floor

Play videos in daily stand up meetings. Reinforce lean behaviors for weeks and months to come!

In your next workshop

Use the course as a complete kaizen curriculum in your next training class or workshop. Train management. Train associates. And even kick-off kaizen events.

At any computer

Assign training to be completed at the learner’s own workstation or desk. Any device with an internet connection will work (phones and tablets included)!

For each new hire

Accelerate new hire comprehension with targeted lean training! Ensure that lean behaviors are taught for years to come.

In your next kaizen event

Prepare participants in your next kaizen event with effective lean knowledge. Make sure they hit the ground running… and in the right direction!

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Access all our courses with your subscription to the Lean Smarts Academy.

Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction

What is Kaizen?

Module Contents
  • Discover that kaizen means small changes for the better, not big.
  • Learn the phrase, “everyone, everywhere, every day.”
  • Find out where 80% of your potential improvement comes from.

Section 2: The Highest Quality

Focus on the Process

Module Contents
  • Realize the difference between quality products and quality processes.
  • Learn that high quality processes result in high quality products.
  • Learn to end reliance on inspection by building quality in at the source.
  • Follow a funny example of making a cup of coffee.

Section 3: The Lowest Cost

Seven Cost Reducing Strategies

Module Contents
  • Realize that cutting cost matters and is essential to every organization.
  • Understand although there are “bad” ways to cut costs, these are not lean ways!
  • Learn the seven cost-cutting strategies to focus waste elimination efforts.

Section 4: The Fastest Delivery

Fast Delivery

Module Contents
  • Realize that delivery matters to satisfy customers, win more business, and increase flexibility.
  • Understand the goal of a just in time (JIT) system.
  • Understand the role of lead time and production leveling in improving delivery performance.
  • Boost awareness for helpful lean tools.

Section 5: The Scientific Method


Module Contents
  • Learn the four steps of PDCA: plan, do, check, and act.
  • Realize the use of PDCA for both big and small challenges.
  • Appreciate the value of small and rapid experimentation.
  • Witness a simple example of PDCA in application.

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Access all our courses with your subscription to the Lean Smarts Academy.