The 3S Journey At Home

What if your lean journey could follow along a relatable and entertaining 3S transformation at home… so that everyone is engaged and everyone understands?

“3S” (sort, shine, and standardize) is a fundamental lean practice that helps you build a fun lean culture, especially if you are adhering to the example of 2 Second Lean.

The 3S Journey At Home makes learning 3S simple and entertaining, and provides ongoing reinforcement for your own lean journey.

“Dear Daniel, I am writing to let you know how happy I am with purchasing your Lean Smarts training videos. Finally someone took the Lean processes and made it simple and easy to understand. I am looking forward to this new year implementing Lean in my small company.”
Scott Alvarez, Qualident Dental Lab

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Using This Program Will Help You:


Make 3S Appealing and Relatable to All

so that people comprehend quickly and buy-in early.


Provide Weeks of Ongoing Reinforcement

because learning 3S takes repetition and multiple perspectives.


Build a Fun Lean Culture

by bridging the gap between technical tools, workplace realities, and everyday life!

How Long It Takes…

4 Videos (more to be added!)
20 Minutes

3S Will Transform Your Business.
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What’s Inside The Course

Introduction to 3S

Discover the three practices of 3S: sort, shine, and standardize.
Learn that 3S must be every day, everyone, and everywhere to be successful.

Introduction to 3S: Sort

Sorting is simple… it’s about getting rid of the stuff you don’t need.
Using a quarantine area of some kind can help expedite the sorting process.
Sorting is best performed every day by everyone, everywhere!

Introduction to 3S: Shine

Shining is about cleaning in such a way that problem discover and prevention is easy.
Another term for “shine” is “sweep.”
It’s important to develop standards for what is expected for cleanliness.
Shine standards should consider what, who, when, and how cleaning is to be performed.
It’s also smart to eliminate the sources of mess so that mess isn’t made in the first place.

Introduction to 3S: Standardize

Anything can be standardized: location, label, quantity, process parameters, work methods (standard work), sequence, etc.
Standardization is what makes good ideas stick!
Standardization is not permanent; it must be continuously improved.
A proper love for standardization demonstrates respect, teamwork, and improvement.

More Videos in Development

How to 3S Everyday (the daily 3S period)
Applying 3S in our Garage
Applying 3S to our Junk Drawer
And more!
“As a large company looking to pursue operational excellence, we were looking for a way to deploy lean for our front line warehouse supervisors. After looking at all kinds of training options, Lean Smarts was the only training we found that was engaging, concise, and used real world examples. It was the perfect fit for our target audience and Daniel was wonderful to work with! Highly recommend 5/5 stars!”
Nicholas Olberg, Shamrock Foods

3S Will Transform Your Business.
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