Lean 101

lean 101

If this is your first time at Lean Smarts, welcome!

Lean is a simple, fun, revolutionary way to run your business, organization, and even your personal life. It has been changing the world for decades and is an ideal worth striving for. Don’t worry–it’s not just another new business fad or trend. Lean is here to stay. Without a doubt, businesses from all industries have a vested interest in becoming lean.

After all, lean can have tremendous results for your company1:

  • 90% reduction in lead times
  • 90% reduction in finished goods inventory
  • 50% reduction in overtime
  • 80% improvement in productivity

Lean Smarts can make it easy for you to get started with lean. We’d be honored to give you a grand introduction.

We can kick-start your lean understanding each of these ways:

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  4. Read up on lean basics on our Lean 101 pages (see below)

Use the Lean 101 drop-down menu at the top or click the links below to read up on lean basics:

5S Productivity

The 7 Wastes

Standard Work


Just in Time

2 Second Lean

1The Toyota Way