2 Second Lean

We are BIG fans of 2 Second Lean. It represents an approach to lean that is simple, fun, and creates massive employee engagement. Find our best resources and guides for 2 Second Lean below!

Overview the 2 Second Lean Model

If you’re looking for a handy summary of what 2 Second Lean is, how it works, and what these companies are doing, visit our summary page on Paul’s original book.

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide

Follow the same steps recommended by Paul and practiced by hundreds of organizations. We’ve boiled down lean implementation to these six basic steps!

Experience Lean at Xylem Design


In 2017 we toured a company practicing 5+ years of 2 second lean called Xylem Design and put together an on-demand webinar and virtual tour that is available via the Lean Smarts Academy.

We spent an entire day with Xylem filming their operation and employees. The highlights of the visit are in our webinar with Greg Glebe, CEO of Xylem Design, and our very own Daniel Crawford, founder of Lean Smarts.

Go to the Source: Paul Akers

Visit Paul’s website and you can download the book or even contact him via WhatsApp or Voxer!