The #1 Lean Metric (Any Angry Customer Will Tell You About It)

Many metrics are important for measuring performance and leading kaizen improvements at an organization.

Ask any consultant or ready any book and you will soon have an alphabet soup of important metrics (e.g. SQDCM)!

But there is ONE metric that is more important than any other. Customers won’t care about your pricing, your delivery terms, or services if this one thing is messed up: QUALITY!

The simplest measures of performance are the big three: quality, cost, and delivery (QCD). While learning about the 8 wastes of lean is important, and practicing 5S methodology is important too, it’s necessary that your kaizen actions tangibly impact QCD… or else, what are you bothering to do lean?!

Connecting the dots between kaizen and QCD performance is not always obvious.

That’s why we created our Kaizen Best Practices course!

There you can learn about a more rigorous approach to continuous improvement—one that will take our quality, cost, and delivery performance to the next level!

Discover Kaizen Best Practices

Leverage the kaizen trinity of 5S, waste elimination, and standardization. Practice lean scientifically. And finally start making meaningful and measurable improvements!