Learn What Lean Is All About

Learn What Lean is All About

Learn What Lean Is All About

So you want to know what lean is all about, yes? Well, we’ve got some excellent resources to grow your understanding and set you out on the right foot.

What is Lean?

If you want to know what lean is all about (or what it is according to us at Lean Smarts), check out our article What is Lean?

Lean 101

If you haven’t discovered these pages already, you definitely want to check them out! Our Lean 101 pages contain some of the clearest and simplest explanations of lean tools on the internet. They are rich with videos, diagrams, and explanations of things work. You can always find “Lean 101” in our main menu, or click this link to go there now!

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Lean Courses

We have a growing number of free and paid courses available to teach you lean concepts in fun and engaging videos. Checkout all the courses here, or skip to a few of our popular freebies below.

Popular free courses:

Lean Videos

We also regularly publish videos in the form of “lean tips” and other content. They are short, engaging, and to the point. Find them on our blog, in the category “Video,” or visit our YouTube channel and subscribe!

Our most popular videos:

Lean Podcasts

If you’re a podcast consumer, you will also find great content on our podcast. Again, you’ll find this on our blog, in the podcast episode listing, or you can subscribe to the show on iTunes. A complete transcript is included for every episode posted on the Lean Smarts website. So if you want to read along, you can!

Our most popular episodes:

Recommended Books on Lean

We’re avid readers at Lean Smarts, and there are some fantastic books available to deepen your understanding of lean. Here are a few that we strongly recommend.

Join the Lean Smarts Academy

The best place to really deepen your understanding of lean is the Lean Smarts Academy. Inside the academy we take lean instruction and culture to a whole other level with exclusive facility tours, training videos, implementation guidance, live Q&A, and more. It is also a thriving community of other lean maniacs and organizations that are regularly helping each other out and connecting online and in person.

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