LMS Options

Do you need multiple user accounts to assign training? Or are you already using a learning management system (LMS) and want to integrate Lean Smarts material?

Then you need one of our LMS Options.

Learning System

Lean Smarts-Hosted LMS

Do you want to individually enroll employees to complete lean training? You can do so using our provided Lean Smarts-hosted LMS. Your subscription to the Lean Smarts Academy licenses you to train unlimited people within your organization. There is no per-person usage fee.

  • No IT infrastructure required—LMS hosted on Lean Smarts server
  • 250 sub-accounts (need more? Ask us about this)
  • Your main account can add/subtract sub-account users at any time
  • Certificate offered to each user as evidence of course completion
Purchase Options

Custom LMS

Stream videos in your own LMS

Do you already have your own Learning Management System (LMS)? All our videos can be embedded inside your own system, allowing you to seamlessly monitor and track training.

  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Integrate all training videos via Vimeo.com embed links
  • Quiz templates also provided for entry into your own LMS
  • Leverage all the capabilities of your own LMS
Purchase Options

How does Custom LMS integration Work?

See how easy it is to add Lean Smarts Academy videos to your own Custom LMS by watching our video demonstration and FAQ.

Don’t need an LMS?

Then the Video Library plan is for you. Visit the Lean Smarts Academy to learn more and sign up.

Questions? Contact our Team.