Training your organization in lean just got easier…

Stop Us If Any Of This Sounds Familiar

You know you need to create massive employee engagement with lean but the sheer amount of work required to find, develop, or create training material is giving you overwhelm.
You know continuous improvement is crucial to the future of your organization, but lean seems complicated and you don’t know where to start.
You’ve looked around long and hard for lean training options, but so much is boring, confusing, or enormously expensive.

If it does, then you already know the importance and difficulty of finding quality lean education resources.

The Lean Smarts Academy Will Help You

Continuously Train all Associates

Our 3-7 minute long bite-sized videos are perfect for continuously training—even on the shop floor! It’s now easy to deliver a standardized lean education to every employee.

Prepare for Kaizen Events

Our library of topical videos contains what you need to prepare kaizen team members with fundamental lean knowledge.

Onboard New Hires

The on-demand nature of the Academy makes it simple to get any new hire up to speed and fluent with lean principles and practices.

Save Ridiculous Amounts of Time

Rather than spending your valuable time preparing and creating training material, use ours! By the way, it’s best you’ll find out there anyway.

Develop Lean Experts

Empower management and specialists in lean methodology to help lead and direct your organization.

Customer Testimonials

Empower Everyone To Do Great Things

Train everyone in time-tested kaizen practices (aka continuous improvement) inspired by the Toyota Production System and 100+ years of manufacturing best practices.

Eliminate Waste

Teach every associate how to practically and powerfully improve a process by eliminating the seven wastes of lean.

5S Wheel

Good Housekeeping

Establish a culture of discipline, productivity, and problem discovery through the daily practice of 5S methodologies.

Standardize Everything

Sustain your gains and communicate change effective through the practice of continuous improvement.

Develop In-House Experts

There’s no way around it… you must develop in-house experts if you’re going to have long-term success.

With the Lean Smarts Academy you can transform any manager or specialist into a lean pro!

Make them kaizen masters
  • Learn 5S, waste elimination, standardization
  • Connect improvement efforts to quality, cost, and delivery
  • Drive scientific thinking and action
Discover fundamental lean tools
  • Pull systems/kanban
  • Heijunka/leveled production
  • Takt time
  • Continuous flow
  • Problem solving
  • Jidoka
  • and more!

Enjoy training that doesn’t suck!

We know (and you know) from years in industry that poor-quality training does little to inspire and motivate everyday associates.

You’ll be delighted to find our videos to be simple, clear, fun, and very high quality.

How To Use The Academy

In your daily standup meeting

Play videos on-demand in your standup meeting one or two times a week. Videos are 3-7 minutes long and perfect for bite-sized education and on-going reinforcement. Do this consistently over time and build a raging lean culture!

In scheduled training events

Add some excitement to your scheduled training events! Either pick and choose which videos to use, or adopt each course as a start-to-finish training curriculum.

In kaizen events

Prepare all participants in a kaizen event via pre-event training focused on the topics of your choosing. Many kaizen events make use of 5S, waste elimination, standardization, and kaizen best-practices, which are all included in the Academy!

For new hire training

Jumpstart every new hire’s lean comprehension by educating them with my training curriculum. Help them acclimate to your lean culture quickly and effectively!

Scaleable Membership Options

Whether you just want simple access to the Video Library, or to enroll up to 250 employees in our Learning System (that we host), or to integrate all videos into your own system via LMS Integration, we’ve got plan for you!

Please Select Your Plan
Yearly (save 15%)
Video Library
$95.00 per month
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
Video Library
$995.00 per year
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
Learning System
$195.00 per month
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
  • 1000 User Accounts
Learning System
$1995.00 per year
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
  • 250 User Accounts
LMS Integration
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
  • Custom LMS integration
LMS Integration
$2995.00 per year
  • Community Access
  • All Courses
  • 1 Master Account
  • Custom LMS integration

Frequently Asked Questions

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